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Why only recurring payments??
We are trying to keep costs down by automating. Payment can be canceled at any time. Please do so at
least 5 business days before expiry and advise us at mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com
Does Lakeside Stream offer support?
Yes, we have technical staff that will answer all your questions. If you have an account with us, please email us for support at sprt.lakesidestream@gmail.com. If you are a new user asking for extra information not available on our website, you can email us at mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com. (Please use same email used at purchase.) 
What level of support do you offer?
We offer email support Monday trough Saturday. Our response time will be between 12 to 36 hours.
Should you require a house call, we will make arrangements to have our tech staff attend at your house,
depending where you reside a charge of 150 pesos or more will have to be paid to the tech staff.
When can I cancel service?
Since our service is prepaid, your service will be cancelled as soon as your subscription expires. If you wish to activate again, there are no activation fees as you will just pay for the subscription fees. If you pay, please advise us via email at mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com to reactivate you.
Does Lakeside Stream offer refunds?
Since this is a pre-paid service, we cannot offer refunds once the account has been created, so all sales are final.
How do I renew my subscription?
Since payments are recurring, there is no need to renew. Should you have canceled you will need to be
reactivated and will incur that cost.
What do I do if I made a payment for a new subscription or renewal and haven’t received a confirmation?
Please contact our management team at mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com, send us your name, email address you used to pay and we will activate your account ASAP. Be aware that auto email may take around 15 min to send so please wait for that email. 
When I move, can service be moved with me?
Yes, the Service does not work with a specific IP so it doesn't matter where you move -- your service will keep working. Once you moved notify us so we can unlock your account so you can use it in your new home. Just make sure you have a minimum internet speed of 5MB
How do I add the your app to my Device?
We can install it for you, Once you have purchased a subscription we will assist you with your device. Notice that Android devices have to be side loaded to be able to install our app.
Why can't I see subtitles on my Device?
On live TV broadcasts no, on some TV series and movies it is sporadically available
Are you the owners of the Channel App?
We act only as re-sellers.
I forgot my app Username, Password, how can I recover it?
No problem, please contact Support at sprt.lakesidestream@gmail. Make sure to use your email from purchase to identify you or we will not be able to help you.
Can I use the app service on multiple Devices?
Up to 2 devices under same account can be used independently in same or different locations 
Can I transmit service from my laptop to the TV?
At the moment we are working to provide a laptop version of our service, and this feature will be available by just using an HDMI cable to be transmitted to your TV. TV must have and HDMI port available.
Is LKS app available in Play Store?
No, our app needs to be side loaded to the device to be able to install. For more information you can contact us at sprt.lakesidestream@gmail.com once you have purchased your subscription to assist you with this process.
Have questions about our plans or service? 
Send us an email at mgmt.lakesidestream@gmail.com
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